If your company specializes in lending loans to business, it is essential that you keep your books up-to-date and that your clients pay their bills on time. You may have established a process for collecting outstanding debt, and it may be effective most of the time. But there will always be accounts that require a special effort. A debt collection lawyer can provide you with the service and solutions you need to get the money that is owed to you.

Why You Need a Debt Collection Attorney

If repeated efforts to collect a debt have failed, you will need to turn to legal remedies. What you should not do is resort to ever more aggressive measures to get the money. In most instances, it will get you nowhere; and in some states, such tactics are illegal and can do you more harm than good.

As a debt collection attorney, you can provide me with all contracts and proof of the debt owed, and I will take it from there.

Actions that Debt Collection Lawyers Can Take

Here are some of the legal methods that could be used to collect outstanding debt. Please keep in mind that all of these methods may or may not be allowed to be used depending on your specific situation:

1. Bank account seizures or attachments

Enacting a lien on its assets or freezing the bank accounts of the company that owes you money is the most effective way to get them to pay. These actions can be used as a remedy before a case goes before the courts and even after a judgment. They can maximize your recovery rate.

2. Real estate lien

If the company or person(s) that owes you money has substantial real estate holdings, it is possible to attach a lien on them. This will prevent the debtor from transferring a title; and if they do sell property to pay off debt, it will force them to settle the account they have with you before anyone else.

3. Reach and apply

It is possible to reach through trusts, third parties, and other cloaks designed to hide assets to get your money. My team has the ability to employ forensic accountants if needed and other specialists to track down all the assets owned by the company or person(s). They will meticulously assess the value of such holdings. We can then file motions to seize or put a lien on these assets until their debt with you is settled.

4. Vehicle and property seizures

Debtor companies that maintain vehicle fleets can have them seized by creditors. This can be an effective way of getting money that is owed to your company. The debtor company may own luxury vehicles, Humvees, or other valuable cars that can then be sold to pay off their debt to you.

5. Mechanics liens

If you are a contractor who has not been paid for your services, it is possible to request a mechanics lien on the company that owes you money. This is an effective way to put a lean on a portion of real estate without going to court. You can keep the lien on until the debtor has updated their account with you.

My team can help you whether you're a business needing to collect a debt or perhaps you are an individual who has a contract with someone to repay money owed to you and you need to collect. Either way my team is happy to work hard for you for the best possible outcome.

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