Being arrested can terrifying experience. It can make you feel isolated and hopeless. When the police take you in for an alleged crime, you may feel that the world is closing around you. That is what the system was designed to do—to intimidate you and weaken your resolve. The thing you must bear in mind is that you are innocent until proven guilty. You must also remember that you have a right to remain silent; that you do not have to say or do anything that may incriminate you.

Your First Call - A Criminal Defense Attorney

The first and only person you should speak to after an arrest is your defense lawyer. As your defense attorney once I arrive, I will advise you on how to respond to police inquiries and requests. Asking for an attorney is not an admission of guilt and completely within your rights.

If You Need A DUI Attorney

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. Most states have laws that give police tremendous power to detect offenders and arrest suspects. In most states, by accepting a driver’s license you waive your right to decline a breathalyzer. Law enforcement can order you to take one at any time for any reason. If you refuse, they have the legal authority to arrest you.

This does not mean that the police can mistreat you in any way. They are still bound by rules and regulations when it comes to stopping your car and assessing whether you are under the influence of a controlled substance. If you believe that the police acted improperly or that some other aspect of your civil liberties was violated, you can fight their attempts to charge and convict you of DUI. My team can help you when you need an attorney for a DUI

Before the Arrest

If you have been stopped by police, you must be given a reason. Any failure on their part to clearly explain why you have been pulled over and what they need you to do can constitute police misconduct and can lead to a violation of your rights. You should always note the name and badge number of the officer who stopped you if possible.

As Your Defense Attorney We Can Help You Fight the Charge

A DUI arrest is not the end of the world. If you have been wrongfully arrested for this crime, we will ensure that you get justice. My personal promise to you is to seek the best possible outcome for your case and to represent you with professionalism.

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