Divorce is one of the most painful things events anyone can go through. When you married, you thought it would last forever; you believed that you would build a home and a life together with the person you loved most in the world. Things did not turn out that way. And the dissolution of your marriage has left you stressed, strained, and in utter despair.

These are natural emotions and you should neither fear nor try to suppress them. However, you cannot allow your feelings to dictate your actions. You have concrete interests at stake, and you must defend them. The settlement you reach with your ex on child custody, child support, and alimony will determine the quality of the life you will have in the future.

Child Custody Attorney

Your children are the most important person in your life. You must do all that is necessary to protect their welfare and well-being. If there is no doubt in your mind that your ex is a good parent and that their presence is needed in the life of your child, then your lawyer can work with your ex’s legal team on a shared custody arrangement. You may be best placed to be the custodial parent. However, a shared custody agreement will ensure that your ex has easy access to your child and gets to spend an equitable amount of time with them. It also ensures that you both have an equal say on all major decisions regarding the child.

Things may become more difficult if your ex has abused you or your child or has habits that will lead to the detriment of the latter. Shared custody is the default position of most family law judges. However, their main concern is the welfare of the child. If you have evidence that your ex is an unfit parent, you can present it and file for sole custody.

Child Support Lawyer

Your ex has an obligation to contribute financially to the raising of your child. Different states calculate child support in different ways. However, in all states the non-custodial parent is held responsible for paying the custodial parent money to meet the expenses of the child. If your ex has a large income or extensive assets, they may try to hide them to minimize the amount of money they can be liable for. A child support lawyer will employ forensic accountants and other experts to hunt down every cent they own to ensure that it is counted in the court’s child support calculations.


If you have been married over a certain number of years, you may be entitled to alimony. It is especially important to pursue alimony if you gave up your career to be a full-time parent and homemaker. Your lawyer can help you get the amount of money you are owed for the sacrifices you have made and the time and energy you put into the marriage.

Protecting Your Interests - With The Right Divorce Attorney Team

If your marriage is ending, it is right for you to be distressed. That is why you need the help of someone who can help you work through the many material interests at stake. Retaining the services of divorce lawyer like my team will help you protect your rights and interests.

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