Death is not a topic that most people want to discuss. However, if you are approaching your sunset years or have built up a large fortune and estate, you must think about your mortality and the consequences of it. Your first move should be to contact an estate planning lawyer. My team and I will ensure that your estate is distributed in a way that aligns with your wishes.

Why You Need an Estate Planning Lawyer

If you do not have a valid will at the time of your death, your estate will be taken in hand by a probate court. Without any written and verified statement of your final wishes, a probate judge will get to decide who gets what. This can burden your family in two ways. First, it can lead to an unnecessarily large tax bill. Second, it can cause tremendous strain and tension among your family members. Probate judgments have led to severe and irreparable splits in families. To avoid this happening in yours, you should sit down with an estate lawyer like myself and discuss what is best for your unique situation.


There are many factors to consider when drafting a Will, especially your wishes and how you would like a variety of scenarios to be executed. Common items that are in a Will are transferring real property such as real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, heirlooms, and other assets to family members and friends. Having a Will expedites the probate process after your death. Other items that can be put in a Will are medical decisions such as deciding to have a Do Not Resuscitate clause or "DNR", or if you'd like to be a organ of tissue donor. The important part is that I will ensure that no matter your wishes, that they will be drafted properly in accordance with what the law allows.


An estate planning lawyer can also help you establish a trust. You may have many questions such as: What can I put in a trust? What can I not put in a trust? What is a Trustee? What are Trust Beneficiaries? Not to worry, me and my team can help you to navigate through those questions and do all of the hard work for you.

An estate planning lawyer can also help you establish a Medical Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney . If you are ever in an accident that leaves you unconscious or develop a condition that leaves you cognitively disabled, you can empower a trusted family member or friend to make medical decisions for you. This kind of limited power of attorney will only go active if you are unable to make basic decisions about your health care.

Planning for the Future

You hope for the best in your life. An estate planning attorney can help you plan for the worst. They can ensure that all that your wishes and desires concerning your estate are honored. In fact, I always recommend planning early as the law allows you to be flexible and make changes to your estate planning needs as you go through life.

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